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1300 and 1600 Exhaust Coating

Preparation:  Used, chrome plated, aluma-coated, rusted, or heavily soiled components will require chemical, mechanical, and thermal stripping processes prior to application of our coatings.  Stripping costs are directly related to the high cost of waste disposal.  Costs may vary due to the severity of surface damage.

NOTE:  Prices below are for 1300 high luster polished aluminum finish.  1600 is available in semi-gloss black and gray. 

Stripping of used components $20.00
Stripping of plated or coated components $35.00 - $50.00

Ceramic coatings Headers

and cast iron manifolds Inside & Outside Coating
V8 Full Length Street $375.00 set
V8 Full Length Street $375.00 set
V8 Competition w/Collector Mufflers $430.00 set
V8 Marine Headers $430.00 set
V8 Shorty Street $325.00 set
4-Cylinder Street $185.00 set
Cobra/Corvette with Side pipes $375.00 set
V8 Cast Exhaust Manifolds $225.00 set
V8 Cast Exhaust Manifolds Marine $425.00 set
V6 Cast Exhaust Manifolds Marine $375.00 set
Mufflers $50.00 and up
Turbo Housings $125.00

Powder Coating

two colors add $50.00 (candy colors) one color
Calipers 1-piston rebuilding charge per set $100.00
Calipers 2-piston rebuilding charge per set $150.00
Calipers 4-piston rebuilding charge per set $200.00
Calipers 6-piston rebuilding charge per set $250.00
Calipers 8-piston rebuilding charge per set $300.00
Caliper Rear wheel w/ebrake per set $250.00
Powder coat one color per set $89.00 per set
Powder clear coat over or candy color $50.00 per set
Air cleaners $125.00
Powder Coating Bumpers $200.00
Powder Coating Bumpers guards $200.00
Battery box $45.00
Brackets small $12.00
Brake Rotors $35.00 each
Calipers see above
Engine blocks $325.00
Fenders small $145.00
Fenders Large $195.00
Frames Harley Davidson $450.00
Import/street $395.00
Quad $400.00
Car Gas tanks $375.00
Handle bars $45.00
Hood Hings $75.00 per set
Hood springs $50.00 per set
Hood latch $30.00
Kick stand $45.00
Manifolds $125.00
Manifolds two pc. $200.00
Pulleys $55.00
Rear ends $300.00 (All disassembled)
Rotors $35.00 each
Spindles $100.00 each
Springs Front $45.00 each
Transmission case standard $95.00
Valve covers 4-cyl $75.00
Valve covers 4-cyl Honda type W/spark plugs $100.00
Valve covers 6-cyl $100.00 per set
Valve covers 8-cyl $125.00 per set
Valve covers 12-cyl $200.00 per set
Wheels (no masking) $125.00 each
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